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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Speech by Estanislau da Silva, FRETILIN Member of Parliament, and FRETILIN representative to Conference on the Right of the People of Western Sahara.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I would like to thank the Organizing Committee of this Conference for inviting us here,

I would like also to thank the Government of Algeria for the hospitality we have been given to attend this International Conference, and

I would like also to commend both the Government and Algerian People for continuing support to the People of Western Sahara

We have recently celebrated in Timor-Leste, on 30 of August 2010, the 11 the anniversary of the referendum, through which the people of Timor-Leste voted overwhelmingly for independence, delivering thereby an end to 24 yeas Indonesia’s occupation of the country. In the meantime, we also celebrated on 20 May the 8th anniversary of restoration of our independence, unilaterally proclaimed by FRETILIN on 28 November 1975.

Therefore, it's both a matter of sadness and a matter of honor to be with you here today.

It's a matter of sadness because 2010 is the 50th anniversary of UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples, yet one of the world's last colonies is still being occupied by a state that itself was once colonized.

It's a matter of honor because East Timor and Western Sahara were both abandoned by their former colonial occupiers and occupied after by neighboring states, and the people of East Timor have always supported the right of the people of Western Sahara to determine their own future.

When His Excellency Jose Ramos-Horta accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996 along with Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, he mentioned Western Sahara four times in his acceptance speech.

While we East Timorese have regained our independence, Western Sahara is still fighting for its independence. But we follow your situation with attention and sympathy. And, In the meantime, we have in Timor-Leste an Embassy and a resident Ambassador based in Dili.

We read with concern the report by Human Rights Watch two years ago (2008), which documented how "Morocco uses a combination of repressive laws, police violence, and unfair trials to punish Saharawis who advocate peacefully in favor of independence or full self-determination". The same thing had been said about Suharto-era Indonesia when we East Timorese advocated peacefully in favor of self-determination.

Human Rights Watch concluded that "Moroccan authorities consider all opposition to their rule of the disputed territory as illegal attacks on Morocco's "territorial integrity," and use this as a basis to ban or disperse peaceful demonstrations and to deny legal recognition to human rights organizations."

I would like to read to you something from the Final Report of our Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation:

"The diplomacy of the East Timorese resistance was the most important factor in achieving self-determination. The Resistance maintained its commitment in the face of extraordinary challenges including political differences, resource constraints, isolation and overwhelming odds, both inside and outside Timor-Leste. The diplomacy of the resistance was ultimately successful because it focused on internationally agreed principles, eschewed ideology and violence, was open to the contribution of all East Timorese, and made maximum use of the international system, media and civil society networks. As a human rights and moral (rather than ideological) issue, the question of Timor-Leste gained international legitimacy and support at the expense of Indonesia whose case rested on force and had no basis in international law or morality."

You may be assured that we East Timorese support your right to self-determination. We were extremely concerned last year when we received news that Ms Aminatou Haidar, went on hunger strike in the terminal of Lanzarote airport in protest at her illegal expulsion from her home in Western Sahara.

However, drawing on our own struggle for freedom, we believed that the episode indicated how a younger generations of Saharawis have continued to resort to peaceful resistance in order to raise the awareness of the international community. Indeed, in the case of Ms Haidar, we could see how her hunger strike resulted in proposals to include human rights monitoring in the prerogatives of MINURSO (UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara). Although the resolution was vetoed, there is no doubt that continued use of peaceful nonviolent action will have an effect.

We commend Frente Polisario for never engaging in terrorism, even during the years of guerrilla warfare against Moroccan occupation forces between 1975 and 1991. The Frente Polisario has observed a ceasefire ever since, despite Morocco breaking its promise to allow for a UN-sponsored referendum.

Polisario's proposal sensibly commits it to accepting the results of a referendum whatever it is. If a free and fair referendum resulted in an autonomy agreement over independence, then that too would constitute a legitimate act of self-determination. Outstanding UN Security Council resolutions explicitly call for such a referendum. Unfortunately, Morocco has explicitly ruled out "the possibility for the independence option to be submitted" in any referendum.

Meanwhile, Christopher Ross letter addressed to the Group of Friends of Sahara namely EU, France, Spain, United Kindong and Russia, said that in the long run the status quo in the negotiations is unacceptable and it may brings serious risk to the stability of the region. Ross underline the facts of raising extremism and criminal activities which may lead to military and paramilitary adventures in the event of continuing failure of diplomatic negotiation. In addition he stressed that credibility of UN missions could be at risk as well.

Therefore Morocco’s rejection for the independence option to be included in any referendum, would mean that the international community would be endorsing the expansion of a country's territory by military force, thereby violating international law and the UN Charter.

We East Timorese are all too familiar with attempts to do just that, and we therefore support the international legal consensus, namely that articulated in a series of UN Security Council resolutions and a landmark 1975 decision by the International Court of Justice upholding the right of the country's inhabitants to self-determination.

Thank you.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mensagem de Dr. Mari Alkatiri, Secretario Geral da FRETILIN, 11 de Setembro 2010

Mensagem de Dr. Mari Alkatiri, Secretario Geral da FRETILIN em 11 de Setembro de 2010

Sede do Comité Central da FRETILIN

Kamaradas Sira Hotu!

Ohin ita komemora tinan 36 ba loron halo dissolusaun ba ASDT no harii FRETILIN iha tinan 1974.

Hau husu: Tinan 36 ne’e hatudu sa’ida? Hatudu katak ita katuas no ferik tiha ona? Tuir dinámika organizasaun, ita jovem ba beibeik. Partido sira seluk maka kontinua hanesa labarik. Tanba ne’e maka ita hare’e sira halo sasan hotu2 sabra’ut deit.

Ita agora moris ho governu ida ke mukit ba beibik ho legitimidade. Bainhira sira hahu ita hotu bolu Governu inkostitusional, Governu de faktu. 

Ne’e ita hakarak atu hatete: Governu ida bainhira hahu mukit kedas ona ho legitimidade. Maibe’e Governu ida mos ke moris halo promesa oi-oin.


1.   atu hatun kiak. 
2.   atu kombate korrupsaun no KKN;
3.   atu harii infraestrutra hanesan: eletrisidade ba Timor-Leste tomak atu hahu iha 30 de Agosto de 2009; Luron (Estrada) atu tama to suku no aldeia; be mos ba ema hotu2;
4.   atu hadia sistema edukasaun, saúde, agricultura; transportes, komunikasaun;
5.   atu halo reforma ba gestaun financeira no orsamentu nian;
6.   atu lori tama investidor bo-bot hanesa no loke servisu ba joven sira; Promete oi-oin deit.

Governu ida ke moris iha Aliansa ida nia leten. Nia objetivu komum ida deit: Hatun FRETILIN;

Aliansa ida, maibe’e programa ida2 nian, interesse ida2 nian, objetivus ida2 nian mos.

Governu ida ho Vice-PM nain rua, Ministros, Vice-Ministros no Secretários de Estado bar-barak. Funcionarius publicos sa’e husi 20 mil ba besik 40 mil. Ministerious sira nakonu ho parentes, amigos, nakonu ho “fashion show” no modelo oi-oin;

Iha sira nia leten, la iha PM ida, iha deit maka Komandante ida; Komandante ida ke la rona ema seluk, nia hatene buat hotu2, liu ema hotu2. La halibur ho Vice-PM, la halibur ho Ministros atu buka informasaun atu prepara no organiza desizaun. Komandante ida ke hatene deit komanda “lansung”, diretu diretores sira, funsionarios sira.

Bainhira sasan hotu2 la’o diak, Komanmdante dada vantagen hotu ba nia; bainhira buat ruma sala, ema seluk maka sai “kambing hitam” (“bodes espiatórios”, “skape goats”). Komandante los nafatin, diak nafatin deit, ema seluk maka sala ba bei-beik; 

Governu ida de faktu ukun dadauk Timor-Leste.  Governu ke ukun tinan tolu maibe’e la iha planu. La iha Planu ba tinan lima atu kumpri sira nia tempu ukun. La iha mos planu ba tinan2 atu ezekuta ho objetivu klaru Orsamentu Estadu, atu hadi’a povu nia vida.

Ministeriu no Sekretaria de Estado ida2 halo tuir ida2 nia hakarak. Balu troka kareta tinan2 hanesa ita troka ropa lor-loron. Hanesa hau hatete ona, la iha plano integradu ida konsistente, la iha projetus ho kualidade. Buka deit fakar osan nar-naran. Osan miliar rua resin maka sira fakar ona. Rezultadu iha nebe’e? Maluk sira maka hare deit ba!

Tinan tolu ona sira nia “susesu” maka nafatin deit: Rezolve problema IDP’s, pensaun ba ferik no katuas, pensaun ba veteranos no combatentes, problema petisionários. La iha seluk tan.

Problema sira resolve uza deit osan. La hatene mos harii sistema ida ke diak atu rezolve problema sira tuir dalan ida ke los. Tanba ne’e:

1.    Ema lunbun ida sei reklama sira direito hanesa IDP’s. Governu la rekonyese sira; Se’e maka los se’e maka sala? Ita hotu rona katak KKN maka’as los iha prosesu atu resolve problema IDP’s;
2.    Iha sorin fali ita mos hatene katak iha prosesu selu pensaun ba ferik ho katuas sira mos nakonu ho KKN. Tanba ne’e ema liu rihun 18 maka seidauk tama ba terseira ida mos simu dadauk ona pensaun ferik ho katuas nian;
3.    Koalia ba pensaun veteranos nian mos ita hatene nakonu ho KKN. Kombatentes barak maka hein be hein la simu buat ida. Maibe’e ema balu be’e uluk la luta ba independensia maka simu uluk tiha ona;
4.    Petisionarios sira simu osan atu desmobiliza husi F-FDTL. Agora osan hotu ona, atu halo sa’ida los?

Iha tinan 2001 no 2002 ita hakerek no aprova ita nia Konstituisaun da Repúblika. Ita nia Konstituisaun loke dalan atu harii Estado de Direito Democratico. Agora ita moris iha Estado ida sem Direito. Estadu ida nebe’e Governu inkonstituisional tiha ona. Estado ida neb’e it abele dehan autocratico.

Maibe’e la’os deit tanba ida ne’e. At liu tan. Governu ida ne’e la respeita Lei, la respeita Konstituisaun. Halo desizaun politika arbiru no sabraut deit.

Iha sorin fali ita moris iha situasaun ida susar. Ita nia identidade tohik ba beibei, mukit ba beibeik. Osan dolar hahu taka ema barak nia matan, nia ibun, nia tilun, nia kakutak, nia konsiensia. Ema balu riku matak deit iha tempu ida ke badak.

Tinan kotuk, korrupsaun hetan fali naran foun. Korrupsaun sai fali “na’oksaun”. Agora hetan batismu foun. Korrupsaun sai fali “hak na’ok”. Buka esplikasaun oi-oin atu taka ema nia neon, atu husik situasan korrupsaun atu halo parte ita nia kultura, ita nia kostume, ita nia tradisaun.

Governu la buka lia los (verdade). Uza no manipula lia bosok atu konfunde ema nia hanoin. Repete lia bosok dalan barak atu halo ema hanoin katak ne’e maka los duni. La buka atu manan povu nia neon ho lia los.  Sa’ida maka Xanana buka  maka atu dudu nafatin povu ba nakukun nia laran, atu mobiliza povu nia emosaun, atu uza matan wen povu nian hanesa dalan ida atu “hak na’ok” povu nia fiar, povu nia votu.

Kamarada sira hotu!

KKN be XG promete atu kombate, halo duni?
Bé mos be XG promete ba ema hotu iha ona?
Eletrisidade ba povu tomak, iha ona?
Edukasaun, diak liu ona?
Saúde, diak liu ona?
Agrikultura, diak liu ona?
Servisu ba jovem sira, iha ona?
Infraestrutura, diak liu ona?

Sira nia reforma ne’e nakonu deit ho desizaun kontraditorio. Koko ba koko mai. Ezemplu ida ke diak liu maka ne’e: iha fulan nen nia laran sira muda lei aprovisionamentu nian dalan hat.

Promete, maibe’e la kumpri. Biar nune’e korajen la iha, vontade la to’o, onestidade mukit atu simu frakasu, fallansu. La hatene simu frakasu. Tanba ne’e duni fila fali ho promesas, promesas foun atu kontinua lori ita nia rai atu sai lalehan iha 2030.

Povu halerik nafatin tanba be mos la iha, eletrisidade mos la iha, estradas at ba beibeik. Fahe trator bar-barak, maibe’e agrikultura la’o ba kotuk. Sistema edukasaun at liu tan. Sistema saúde mos at liu tan. Aimoruk deit mos la iha. KKN aumenta.

Agora, PM de faktu apresenta nia PEDN. Agora promete dehan PEDN sei hadia povu nia vida. Promesa uluk halo la iha rezultadu. Halo fali promesa foun. PEDN maka atu halo milagre? Lalika fiar kamarada sira hotu.

Ita hotu akompanya. Krisi AMP mos aumenta ba beibeik.

Iha fulan hirak nia laran ne’e ita hare teatro baratu iha Governu de faktu nia laran. Ita la hatene los ne’e atu sai novela ka atu sai fali drama bot ida. “Bulang madu” hotu ona.

Hahu ho teatro ida no artista principal rua: Xanana Gusmao no Dr. Zacarias Costa. Ita triste hare’e sa’ida maka akontese. Hahalok ida be’e halo ita hotu moe.

Foin lalais ne’e ita assisti fila fali teatro foun ida: artista principal rua: XG nafatin iha sorin, iha sorin seluk Eng. Mario Carrascalao. Dala ida tan ita matan hare no ita nia tilun rona, teatro ida ke tristi tebes. It bele hatete ho konfiansa “bulan madu” hotu duni ona. Biar nune’e, biar “bulan madu” hotu ona, ita ema moris tenki hatene  respeita malu nafatin.  Ne’e bolu  naran ÉTIKA (ética). Ita triste bainhira ita hare’e etika mos la iha ona.

Atu fo kulpa ba ema ida deit tenki bolu ema ne’e “beik ten, bosok ten”. Uluk XG rasik maka defende Mario Carrascalao. Agora bolu nia “beik ten no bosok ten”. Ba XG ne’e maka regra. O hakru’uk ba nia, o diak liu iha mundu. La hakru’uk ba nia, o sai diabo. Hau iha ona esperiansia ba ida ne’e iha 2006.

Tempu hau hili atu sai diabu, atu labele sai atan, atu trava ditadura iha ita nia rain. FRETILIN hahu luta ba Independensia atu povu maubere labele sai atan tan ba ema ida. Atu harii no haburas demokrasia no Estado de Direito.

Krisi iha AMP nia laran la’os ita nia problema. Husik sira dodok ba. FRETILIN tenki hametin nafatin nia toleransia no vigilansia. Hametin vigilansia atu labele fo dalan ba krisi iha AMP atu sai hikas fali kauza ida foun ba krisi nasional. Iha nebe’e deit, li-liu iha Parlamento Nasional, FRETILIN sei haka’as an atu defende nafatin Paz, Estabilidade no Dezenvolvimentu Nasional. To loron ida maka AMP rahun, FRETILIN nafatin sei la fo dalan ba atu hara’hun instituisaun de Estadu, liu-liu Orgauns de Soberania sira.

Ita hatudu ona katak ita hadomi rai doben ida ne’e, hadomi povu doben ida ne’e;

Ita FRETILIN rejeita violensia no lakohi krisi atu akontese fali iha Timor-Leste.

A Luta Continua!
Viva Povu Maubere.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

President Lu Olo: Komemoransaun Loron Pazasen ASDT-FRETILIN

Intervensaun, Presidente Partidu FRETILIN, Francisco Guterres (Lu-olo)
Komemoransaun Loron Pazasen ASDT-FRETILIN
Sabadu, 11 de Setembru 2010

Comite Central da FRETILIN

Camarada Sekretario Jeral Partidu FRETILIN Dr. Marí Alkatiri
Camarada Presidente ASDT, Sr. Francisco Xavier Do Amaral ho nia ekipa tomak;
Representante especial husi Nasoens Unidas;
Membrus do Korpo diplomatiku;
Camarada Membrus Comite Central da FRETILIN;
Reverendu Padre, Reverenda Madre;
Sr. Dr. Manuel Tilman ho nia ekipa tomak;
Kuadrus e Militantes FRETILIN nian tomak.

Iha lokraik kmanek ida ne’e, hau mai hola fatin hamutuk ho imi, hau hakarak hato’o mensanzen ba 36 anos pasgem ASDT ba FRETILIN.

Hanesan ohin hau hateten, ita halo marcha ida longu teb-tebes, marcha ida ke nakonu ho susar i nakonu ho terus, maibe susar ho terus. Husi ne’e konsekuensia ou tau hamutuk hodi halo ita nia progresu ba oin. Istoria sai hanesan faktus, ne’ebé hodi tutan ba hatutan nafatin, liu husi obra humana, obra FRETILIN ninian, atu bele laõ to’o objetivu ida ne’ebé ita hotu hakarak atu hakát bá.

Tinan 36 bainhira para atu bele lembra fila fali ita nia istória. Lãos atu repete fila fali, maibe ba ita tomak istória ida ne’e para ita reafirma ita nia an nu’udar FRETILIN ninian, “Hori Uluk Hori Wa’in Kedas”.

FRETILIN mos presizamente, para atu defende indepedensia ba rai ida ne’e, indepedensia ba povu ida ne’e. Maibé tinan 36 ona hau hakarak konvida Camarada sira para ita bele reafirma, atu bele moris hikas istoria ida ne’e hodi halo reafirmasaun ba ita nia an, husi sorin e husi sorin ida seluk, hau husu ba Camarada sira para ita tomak bele halo reflesaun.

Reflesaun ne’ebé para lori ita agora dadauk, ita hotu bele hateke ba liafuan ne’ebé taka iha ita nia kotuk (Hatudu lia fuan iha espanduk), hodi dehan “Hamutuk Promove nafatin, Paz no estabilidade atu hametin soberania nasional iha Timor-Leste.”

Interesante teb-tebes tema ida ne’ebé hau hakarak fo hatene ba Camarada sira ou Camarada sira rasik hare ona para ita bele halo reflesaun ba pontu ida ne’e.

Bainhira ita hakarak atu hateten kona ba paz hau hanoin paz ne’e buat ida importante tebtebes, mas paz ne’e atu halo oinsa mak ita bele hetan paz, paz ne’e katak “kuandu laiha funu ou funu iha mak ita hakarak hare hanesan paz”, maibe Timor Leste durante 24 anos nia laran ita halo funu, funu hotu ona maibe ita presiza nafatin paz, ita presiza nafatin estabilidade iha ita nia rai atu bele hametin ita nia soberania nasaun ida ne’e.

Saida mak paz? Afinal das kontas, paz buat ruma ne’ebé ema bele faan i ema seluk bele sosa. Ita mos hare Politika AMP ninian, bainhira krizi 2006 mosu ita hotu tur la hakmatek. FRETILIN sai vitima ba krizi ida be 2006 nian.

Povu tomak halai namkari. Balun naok ema nia sasan lalin ba foho. Sunu ema nia uma dadauk. Balun oho’o ema tan hodi hakotu ema nia vida. Iha momentu ne’e kedas paz lakon iha ita nia rai. Tamba saida mak iha paz nia laran, funu tenki mosu fila fali? Ita halai la dok para atu bele kompriende, saida mak halo ita nia rai ida ne’e iha 2006 mosu fila fali krizi bo’ot ida ke mosu fila fali no paz mos laiha?

Se ita hakarak atu hatene los, nia fukun maka ida ne’e, tamba elisaun 2007 besik dadauk e se laiha estabilidade. Karik mos elisaun 2007 FRETILIN sei manan i sei fila fali ba ukun, tamba FRETILIN hahu hari’i dadauk estadu ida, estadu de dereitu demókratíku Timor Leste. Hahu hodi hari’i estrutura iha estadu ida ne’e. Hahu dadauk hodi kria kondisoens oin-oin, liliu kondisoens finanseiras para ita atu halão ita nia dezenvolvimentu ba oin.

Karik laiha insstabilidade ou la provoka insstabilidade iha 2006 FRETILIN hodi kbi’it ba oin duni, ba oin nafatin, e maluk sira seluk ne’ebé iha alruta ne’ebá kaer opozisaun ba ita, sira nunka mehi para atu sae ba ukun para poder politiku iha ita nia vida tomak. Tamba ne’e mak sira halo, atu provoka situasaun in estabilidadi iha ita nia rain. Ikus fali mai bainhira iha krizi ida ne’e nia laran, FRETILIN ho nia vontadi diak, biar la manan maioria, maioria kualifikada ou pelomenus maioria absoluta iha elisaun jerais maibé FRETILIN, aprezenta ninia proposta para atu bele hamutuk hodi forma “Governu Grande Inkluzaun” ida, ne’ebé atu halibur Partidu Politikus sira seluk ne’ebé mak manan, niania ema sira para bele partisipa governasaun pai’is ida ne’e.

Diskute ba deskute mai, depois to’o fali sorin ne’e hateten dehan katak, ami be AMP mak maioria e ami maka manan, ami (AMP) mak ukun laiha tan FRETILIN para halo relasaun ho ami. Sira hateten nune’e.

Husi fali sorin, ema balun ne’ebé maka sai matenek bo’ot, Doutor da lei hodi fo opiniaun ba Presidente da Repúblika, dehan katak so bainhira iha estabilidadi politika, atu iha estabilidadi iha governasaun ida nia laran so AMP maka bele ukun, so sira ne’ebé maka lakon hona sira soma hamutuk hodi ukun fali rai ida ne’e, sira ne’ebé maka manan labele ukun.

Maibe opinoens sira ne’e hotu, ne’e sai husi media, sai husi Sr. Presidente da Repúblika dehan ne’e importansia. Mas ami hateten vontade povu ninian ne’ebé atu hili, vontade ida ne’e ema seluk hetan ou sira trai vontade ida ne’e, ita la tau vontade povu ninian iha aas leten ba.

Buat hirak ne’e hotu to’o ikus kuandu hakarak atu halo paz so sira hateten dehan katak, sira mak halo paz, maibe lãos halo paz, sira hateten dehan katak ami sosa paz. Karik maka impoin ita lahatene. Maibe tuir ami hatene mak paz ne’e laiha folin, signifika katak “se paz ne’e maka ema bele sosa, entaun kuandu osan laiha ona para atu sosa paz funu mosu fila fali”. Ne’e mak ema sira ne’e nia politika.

Tuir ami hatene katak, iha ita nian lei, lei inan no lei oan sira ne’ebé atu hametin paz iha ita nia rai, ne’e katak ita hotu-hotu kumpri ou lão tuir lei ida ne’e, dalan ida be lei ne’e hatudu para ita bele hetan paz.

Paz iha so bainhira ita hahu halo buat ida, so ita tenki kompri ita nia lei. Paz laiha bainhira ita sobu ita nia lei, ita samak ita nia konstituisaun no ita nia lei sira ne’e. Maibe hau hakarak atu hateten oras ne’e dadaun ita kontinua hatudu paz ho estabilidade, atu fila fali ba estabilidade. Hau bele hateten estabilidade ne’e ba saida ninia? Estabilidade ba ita nia rai ka establidade ba governasaun ida ne’e.

Ita hare ho matan ita rona ho tilun. Ami lakohi koalia siik deit mas buat ne’ebé akontese. Buat ne’ebé mak ita rona no buat ne’ebé mak ita hakarak, iha governu ida ne’ebé maka Primeiru Ministru, halo ninia ketak, ministru sira halo ninian ketak, diretore sira halo ninia ketak, Parlamenta halo ninia oin ida ou bele dehan governu interfere Parlamentu nia serviso ou karok Primeiru Ministru interfere iha tribunal nia serviso. Estabilidade iha governasaun ida ne’e ohin sa, se ita la kria ou governu sira ne’ebé la kria estabilidade iha ita nia rai?

Sira AMP rasik maka provoka instabilidade iha ita nia rai. Kuandu ami hakarak ou FRETILIN hakarak atu fo garantia ba sira, liu husi proposta oioin, ne’ebé maka mak ita nia bancada liu husi Parlamentu aprejenta ba sira sira nunka rona so ke tamba FRETILIN ninia, so ke FRETILIN ninian sira tenki rejeita total, lakohi atu simu nein proposta ida. Proposta mak hanesan kona ba osamentu nian. Proposta kona ba programa governu nian, sira la simu buat sira ne’e hotu, no fim sira ho sira maka fila hasoru malu.

Estabilidade ba povu ida ne’e ohin sa? Garantia ba sidadaun ne’e ohin sa, atu povu ida ne’e bele moris hakmatek hodi ba garantia futuru aban bain rua nian ne’e ohin sa e iha ne’ebé camarada sira? Ita lakon e povu ida ne’e lakon ninia esperansa, lakon mos ninia fiar ba ukun nain sira ne’ebé oras ne’e dadaun kaer governu.

Ita lahatene konta saida maka aban bele hakontese ba sidadaun ida-ida, bain rua bele hakontese ba sidadaun ida-ida, ita lahatene. Sera ke governu ida hanesan ne’e ho ukun nain sira hanesan ne’e maka kontinua nafatin kaer, ita nian rai “susar itoan camarada sira”.

Susar kuandu governu ida laiha linha do orientasaun politika ida, estratezia ida, atu hametin povu no nasaun ida ne’e nia moris. Ita lahatene atu halo ba to’o iha ne’ebé. Iha sira nia diskursu bobot sira koalia, sira koalia kona ba estadu de dereitu Dmokratíku. Sira mos koalia katak nesesidade povu ninian mak bot liu e a’as liu. Maibe hateke tun ba iha kraik realidade laiha. Husi fali sorin osan barbarak maka mout tiha deit iha ita nian rain, la lori buat diak ida ba povu no rai ida ne’e.

Soberania nasional ne’e ligadu ba ita nia ukun rasik aan ne’ebé lori fakar ran, lori terus maka atu sosa indepedensia ba rai ida ne’e. Mas indepedensia ho ukun nain sira ida hanesan ne’e ita sei la aproveita buat ida.

Soberania nasional signifika katak idak-idak tenki halão ninia kna’ar, ida-idak halão ninia servisu. Maibe hotu-hotu tenki iha ideas komum ida. Maibe ita asisti durante tempo ida ne’e, Primeiru Ministru defaktu Kay Rala xanana Gusmão mete ba iha tribunal ninian. Dala ruma ba to’o iha Parlamentu Nasional hodi halo ninian, hanesan deputadu Inacio Moreira hateten “atu los ka sala foti liman dala ida deit.” Ida ne’e maka jeitu Primeiru Ministru nian. Ida ne’e maka ita dehan garantia soberania nasional? Susar se kuandu ita lão hanesan ne’e liliu iha nasaun ida be soberano ida ne’e.

Por outro lado estadu ida ne’ebé ke hakarak impoin ou ema ne’ebé maka ukun nain sira hakarak impoin sira nia vontade ba ema ki’ik, lão hili ukun nain para halo narnaran deit hodi ba tur iha kadeira povu ninian.

Soberania mai husi povu no ukun povu ninian, liu husi elisaun mak hili ukun nain sira ba tur iha ne’eba. Tamba ida ne’e tenki servi povu. Laos la fo espasu ida ba sidadaun Timor oan sira atu sira mos bele koalia saida maka sira senti loroloron ninian.

Bainhira primeiru Ministru defaktu halão PEDN iha distritu no subdistritu taka tia tilun. Povu husu mak be mos, husu maka ahi, balun dehan katak mate lakan, mate lakan. Balun dehan mate piska-piska, balun husu estrada no husu buat seluk-seluk maibe nia (PM) laiha liafuan para atu hatán.

Nia la hatan los, maibe dala ruma nia husik sala ida ne’e mai ami rua kamarada Marí nia leten, hodi dehan katak, ne’e governu ida uluk nia sala. Biar sira ukun tiha hona tinan rua ou tinan tolu maibe governu ida uluk maka sala nafatin, maske sira mak halo sala mos sira dehan governu ida uluk maka sala nafatin.

Maibe governu ida uluk nia diak ne’e, sira dehan ne’e sira nia diak fali ka diak ne’e sira nia mesak. Hau hare momos buat sira ne’e. Entaun lori buat hirak ne’e hotu hotu lori rai ida ne’e ba to’o iha ne’ebé, lori ita nia povu ida ne’e to’o iha ne’ebé?

Ita nia soberania nakdoko. Oinsa mak ita bele hamrik hanesan estadu ida de dereitu demokrátiku iha rai ida ne’e, se ita nia autoridade lão hanesan ne’e kamarada sira? Karik sala, hau hare ne’e sala.

Ita mos buka nafatin atu kurizi sasan sira ne’e. Se ita kontinua nafatin loron ida ita lahatene, ita atu sai saida los? Governu ida ne’ebé ukun ema dala ruma ho mehi deit, kalan mehi aban dadersan halo enatun ita nunka mais salva povu no rai ida ne’e.

Hau hanoin ba kamarada sira hotu, to’o tinan 36 ita halo pasagem aniversariu ASDT ba FRETILIN ba ita hotu halo reflesaun hodi hametin fila fali ita nian estadu ida ne’e. Maibe presizu ita be militantes FRETILIN nian tenki servisu maka’as, servisu forte nafatin. Tinan ne’e besik dadauk ona. AMP mos lãok dadauk ona. Buat sira ne’e hotu kontrariu sistema de kontadisoens ne’ebé maka mosu iha sira nia le’et.

Iha tinan be uluk sira hadau poder, ami preven tia kedas ona. Kamarada Marí sempre hateten ida ne’e, hanesan be hena pedasuk-pedasuk mak lori suku hamutuk hodi taka. Iha sorin seluk hau hateten, ne’e hanesan “halo aihun boot ida maibe ninia laran ne’e dodok tiha ona” e sei lakleur bele tohar”. Realidade agora ita hare dadauk ona.

Maibe kala tohar dadauk maibe sira sei halai hamutuk karik, saida mak hakontese kamarada sira? AMP nia ai tohar, sira halai namkari. Depois sira kala halai fali ba aihun boot ida? Ne’e ita sei hare.

Xanana sei buka para hanehan mate tiha partidu sira be kiikoan sira ne’e. Sei hanean sira. La fiar mak ita hare. So ke partidu sira ne’e lakohi fiar.

Xanana ema ida ke hau rasik tuir nia ain fatin durante tinan 24 ne’ebé hau hatene se mak Xanana. Tamba ne’e mak hau sempre dehan katak, ita ida-idak lão ba ne’e para ita lalika tuir malu nafatin. Tamba funu hotu ona. Mas komu maun alin sira seluk seidauk kunhese be’e dehan katak tabele maun boot mak diak liu, dehan maun boot funu nain mak diak liu. Maibe maun boot kuandu liki dala ida iha ninia ain, ita lahatene los atu ba para iha ne’ebé.

Agora pelomenus fo razaun ona, katak tempo to’o ona para sira mos halo reflesaun. Ne’e ba sira mak ida ne’e, dalan ida deit, sosiedade ida be AMP ne’e, Kamarada Marí no kamarada sira seluk sei halo diskusaun para hadiak.

Maibe pronto. Ita prepara aan didiak para kurizi sasan sira ne’e hodi servi ba povu ho diak. Tanba ne’e maka horibainhira ita halo desizaun hamutuk para estratejia “Marcha da Paz” nian monu ba “Marcha da Vitoria” ne’e katak ita atu mehi fali ba poder maibe liu husi lejitimidadi, para bele iha valor poder.

Bainhira ita ba fali poder ita sei esforsu para muda buat sira ne’e. Klaru ke susar duni maibe ita tenki esforsu. Susar tamba toman at ona. Governu ida ne’e halo toman at ema barak hodi estarga povu nia osan. Iha tempo ne’ebé maka hamlaha obriga ema para ema tenki haan barak. Depois to’o tempo kuandu aperta fali kabun sira rasik sei muta sai.

Ne’e lãos dehan katak atu nega, saida mak uluk ita halo ou halo tiha ona hodi husik ba governu ida ne’e. Hanesan katuas no ferik sira nia pensaun, veteranus, komatentes no Falintil sira nian pensaun, ne’e mantein nafatin purke lei maka hateten.

Maibe iha buat seluk mak governu ida ne’e hakat liu, por exemplo Pakote Referendum, depois obra sira ne’e laiha kualidade. Ida ne’e maka realidade. Ita sei muda sasan sira ne’e hotu.

Ikus mai ita lakohi para aumenta deit numeru Funsionariu ninian, para depois to’o iha ne’eba joga karta maka barak. Ita lakohi maka ida ne’e.

Uluk iha ita nia tempo hau nudar Presidente Parlamentu Nasional, lorloron ne’e kuandu ita nia PM ba apresenta orsamentu Jeral do Estadu, sira sei opozisaun haklalak dehan orsamentu ne’e para atu fo han deit makina do governu. Maibe realidade agora pior liu, tamba governu ne’e “Kabun tek Ulun fatuk lotuk”.

Agora ne’e oinsa? Ulun fatuk lotuk at liu, kabun ne’e atu besik nakfera ona tanba tek liu. Ne’e maka realidade. Buat sira ne’e hotu maka akontese iha ita nia rain, ne’ebé kamarada sira hau so husu deit ba ita hatu halo reflesaun. Ita hakarak muda sasan sira ne’e agora tama ona 36 anos, ita buka hamutuk halo reflesaun oinsa mak ita buka hadia fila fali.

Ba ida ne’e uniku solusaun, ita fila fali ba ukun. So atu fila fali ba ukun ita tenki hetan lejitimidade husi povu. Atu hadau poder ita lakohi hadau poder, ita mos diak liu husik ba sira. Tama tahu laran e sira mak tahu, duke ita lao tuir sira nia ain fatin ita mos tahu hotu.

Ne’ebé ita prepara nafatin atu ohin maka eleisaun ka aban maka elisaun ka, 2012 maka elisaun ka ita pronto e pronto para manan.

Ikus liu hau hakarak atu hateten, hanesan Xanana Gusmão dehan, katak uluk ami dehan tein etun, maibe ami tein, tein, sai tia fali sosoro. Pasiensia. “Nasi sudah Menjadi Bubur,” diak, bahasa hau nia maka ida ne’e deit.

Pasiensia se hanesan ne’e ona obriga tenki han duni.

Entaun pronto Kamarada sira, kamarada Sekretariu Jeral Mari Alkatiri, mos koalia barak ona.  Entaun husik hela lia fuan ikus maka ne’e: ita hotu-hotu hamutuk nafatin e partikularmente, hato’o ba Veteranus sira ne’ebé mak foin simu Sertifikadu, hau nia alin sira, hau nia maun sira, sertifikadu ne’ebé maka fo ba imi ne’e hanesan sinal rekonhesimentu ba ita boot sira nia luta. I hau mos bele klasifikasi hanesan testamunha ida ba ita tomak ne’ebé mak terus hamtuk iha ailaran, iha tempo bain loron, iha tempo udan ita sempre sama tutuir malu ain fatin. Balun husik hela ita hodi mate ba ita nian rain ida ne’e, maibe ita nain hira hisik hamutuk ita nia kosarben ne’ebé kahor ho ran. Lolos ita hamutuk iha FRETILIN nia laran, maibe funu ida ne’e halo ke presiza dinamika ida para manan funu ba dezenvolvimentu, imi haketak husi hau maibe, iha tempo ida nebee naruk, dalan ida ne’ebé ita tuir hau sempre sama tuir imi nia ain fatin to’o ohin loron ita nain hirak ne’e hasoru fila fali malu.

Ami fo ida ne’e lãos atu fo hanoin fila fali ba imi para imi atu halo fali politika pratíka FRETILIN ninian. Lae. Tamba ami mos hatene katak ita nia estadu, Falintil ne’e ketak e politika ne’e ketak maibe nudar dever ami nian, obrigasaun ami nian hodi fo rekordasaun ba hau nia maun, hau nia alin Vteranus sira iha ailaran, ba sinal sira ne’e ba ita tomak, liliu ba kamarada sira ne’ebé ita terus hamutuk, hau husik hela liafuan hanesan ne’e ba kamarada sira hotu.

Ba Srs. Embaixadores, Kamarada Sekretariu Jeral Dr. Marí Alkatiri, ba Amo no Madre sira, ba membrus CCF, ba kuadrus, Militantes sira hotu, hau husik hanesan ne’e ba ita tomak hamriik fila fali iha fatin hanesan ne’e i ita fila fali ba ita nia distritu no sub distritu para atu serviso nafatin e serviso para atu manan hodi hetan lezitimidade.

Lia fuan mak ne’e deit.


(Transkrisaun husi Marcos Gusmao; redasaun final husi Jose Teixeira)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Timor Leste goes backward on economic competitiveness and wealth gap



Dili, 13 September 2010

Timor-Leste goes backward on economic competitiveness and wealth gap

Timor-Leste's ranking in the World Economic Forum's 2010-2011 "Global Competitiveness Report" has fallen from 127 to 133 of 139 countries.

The report ( by the Geneva-based Forum follows a warning to the Timor-Leste de facto government headed by Mr. Xanana Gusmao from a senior United Nations representative that a lack of economic growth in the Timor-Leste countryside is widening the gap between rural and urban areas.

FRETILIN MP and former Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture, Estanislau da Silva, said today the Forum's Global Competitiveness Report showed Timor-Leste rated near-bottom in areas such as infrastructure (138 out of 139), technological readiness 139, financial market development 136, health and primary education 132, higher education and training 130 and innovation 136.

"Factors identified as the most challenging for doing business - for between 15 and 20 per cent of respondents - included access to financing, an inefficient government bureaucracy and inadequate supply of infrastructure. For between 10 and 15 per cent of respondents the biggest concern was corruption," Mr da Silva said.

"This downward trend in attracting investment is extremely worrying from the point of view of building a sustainable economy that will create jobs and eradicate poverty," he said.

"Public spending from the very large budgets generated by petroleum revenue over the last three years has been misdirected and has failed to benefit the poor, especially the rural poor outside of Dili, who make up around 85 per cent of the population.

"The biggest beneficiaries of government largesse has been the Dili-based political elite and their families."

Mr da Silva pointed to a letter from the deputy head of the United Nations' mission in Timor-Leste and representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Mr. Finn Reske-Nielsen to Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao which expressed grave concerns regarding Timor-Leste's ability to meet its human development goals.

In the letter dated 25 June 2010 and only recently shown to MPs by parliamentary advisors, Mr. Reske-Nielsen states the UN's view that "..... a disquieting feature of recent development pattern has been the growing disparities between rural and urban areas. This is an undesirable trend considering that the vast majority of the Timorese population live in villages dependent upon subsistence agriculture. Persistent deprivation of the rural areas is already manifesting itself in migration, particularly of youth, to the urban areas.....Budgetary allocation to the agricultural sector, in the past, has perhaps not been commensurate with the needs of the rural population....there are concerns that the inequalities might have worsened over the past few years."

Mr. Resle-Nielsen also questions Mr Gusmao's assumptions in his so-called Strategic Development Plan on economic growth and therefore poverty eradication, saying, "It may be pertinent to mention that these countries (countries in south-east Asia that have been able to grow rapidly while simultaneously reducing poverty) did not rely solely on 'trickle down' but put policies and programs in place to make growth inclusive."

Mr. Reske-Nielson also warns the government that, "The realization of double digit growth rates visualized under SDP is inextricably linked to the incremental capital-output ratio which in turn is an indicator of how well we use our capital resources. In the context of Timor-Leste where the cost of doing business is very high due to inadequate infrastructure and lack of enabling environment, the assumed ratio of 5 may not materialize."

(Link to letter:

Mr da Silva said: "It is clear that nobody outside the de facto government actually believes that the government's policies and irresponsible spending spree is actually resulting in sustainable economic growth and alleviation of poverty.

"Mr Gusmao's own former Deputy Prime Minister Mario Carrascalao has spelled out a litany of policy and governance failures, with a dire warning that as a result, 'difficult days ahead must be anticipated.' "

For further information please contact Estanislau da Silva MP on +670 733 5062

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deputy Prime Minister a 'scapegoat' for government corruption says Alkatiri



DILI, 8 September 2010
Deputy Prime Minister a 'scapegoat' for government corruption says Alkatiri
De facto Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has launched an offensive against his own deputy Mario Carrascalao aimed at stopping Mr Carrascalao from exposing ministerial corruption, FRETILIN Secretary General and former Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said today.

Dr Alkatiri said Mr Gusmao is seeking to discredit Deputy Prime Minister Carrascalao's anti corruption stand and make him a scapegoat for government financial mismanagement.

Mr Gusmao appointed Mr Carrascalao as Deputy Prime Minister for State Administration on 22 January 2009 with special responsibility for combating corruption. Procurement powers were transferred from Procurement Depatment in the Ministrey os Finance to Mr Carrascalao's office.
But on August 25 2010 Mr Gusmao's Council of Ministers rebuked Mr Carrascalao, stripped him of his powers over all government procurement and handed the powers to line ministries.

"This is the fourth time the Gusmao administration has changed the legal mechanism for undertaking government procurement - another example of its incompetence and maladministration," Dr Alkatiri said.

On September 2 the AMP de facto government's spokesperson Mr. Agio Pereira issued a statement accusing Mr Carrascalao of seeking to "defame and intimidate" government members with "unfounded allegations of corruption
" (Link:

On the same day Mr Gusmao described Mr Carrascalao as "a stupid person" who had "made a lot of money from the spilling of (Timorese) blood" during the Indonesian occupation of East Timor (Link:

Dr Alkatiri said as the head of the AMP de facto government Mr Gusmao must take responsibility for the repeated policy and administrative failures and widespread corruption in his administration instead of looking to blame others.

"However, Mr. Carrascalao is not blameless. He was very naïve to accept such a task in such circumstances. There has been no political will shown by the de facto government to fight corruption. He clearly did not appreciate that strengthening the state’s procurement agency is an essential element to effectively fight corruption. From the outset his endeavors were were weakened by resistance from colleagues determined to stop his attempts to reform procurement, and his investigations into corruption, misconduct and maladministration.

"We do not doubt Mr Carrascalao's good intentions but we warned him publicly that Mr Gusmao was setting a trap for him and that he would be made the scapegoat one day. Most all he should have realized that accepting the task of executing USD$180 million in capital development expenditure with such demonstrable lack of procurement and financial management capacity, as well as lack of commitment to transparency in public finance management could only have placed him in the position he is now in," Dr Alkatiri said.

"Mr Carrascalao's treatment shows that incompetent and crooked ministers will be allowed to stay at their posts long after Mr Gumsao should have got rid of them.

"This incident shows the rot has clearly set in, and there is a crisis of trust between ministers and leaders of the various factions of the de facto government.

"Mr Gusmao cannot escape responsibility because it was he who created this disparate and divided coalition of people who do not have a common vision, who have no record of civic duty, who see high office as an opportunity for personal financial gain, and including people who were not nationalists but stood against Timorese nationalism."

For further information contact Jose Teixeira on +670 728 7080

"Vice-Primeiro-Ministro um bode expiatório para a corrupção dentro do governo AMP", diz Alkatiri

Comunicado de Imprensa 

Díli, 7 de setembro de 2010

"Vice-Primeiro-Ministro um bode expiatório para a corrupção dentro do governo AMP", diz Alkatiri
O primeiro-ministro de facto, Xanana Gusmão, lançou uma ofensiva contra o seu próprio vice Mário Carrascalão com o objetivo de deter o Sr. Carrascalão de expor a corrupção ministerial, disse hoje o secretário-geral da FRETILIN e ex-primeiro-ministro, Dr. Mari Alkatiri.
Mari Alkatiri disse que, o Sr. Gusmão pretende desacreditar a tomada de posição contra a corrupção do vice-primeiro-ministro Carrascalão, e fazer dele um bode expiatório para a má gestão das finanças públicas.
Gusmão nomeou Carrascalão como vice-primeiro-ministro da Administração do Estado em 22 de Janeiro de 2009, com especial responsabilidade para o combate à corrupção. Os poderes do Aprovisionamento foram transferidos do departamento do Aprovisionamento no ministério das Finanças para o gabinete do Sr. Carrascalão.
Mas em 25 de agosto de 2010, o Conselho de Ministros do Sr. Gusmão, repreendeu o Sr. Carrascalão, e retirou-lhe os seus poderes de todas as compras governamentais e entregou o poder para os ministérios de linha.
"Esta é a quarta vez que a administração de Gusmão mudou o mecanismo legal para a realização de contratos públicos - outro exemplo da sua incompetência e má administração", disse Mari Alkatiri.
Em 02 de Setembro, o porta-voz do Governo de facto da AMP, o Sr. Ágio Pereira, emitiu um comunicado acusando o Sr. Carrascalão de procurar "difamar e intimidar" os membros do governo com "alegações infundadas de corrupção". (Link a DECLARAÇÃO SOBRE O GABINETE DO VICE PRIMEIRO-MINISTRO MÁRIO CARRASCALÃO:

No mesmo dia, o Sr. Gusmão descreveu o Sr. Carrascalão como "uma pessoa estúpida" que "fez um muito dinheiro com o derramamento de sangue dos timorenses " durante a ocupação indonésia de Timor Leste. (Link ao artigo do Tempo Semanal: " Xanana Chama Mário Carrascalão estúpido, uma crise de confiança surge no Governo AMP":
O Dr. Alkatiri disse que o chefe do governo de facto da AMP, Sr. Gusmão, deve assumir a responsabilidade pelas políticas repetidas e falhas administrativas e da corrupção generalizada no seu governo, em vez de culpar os outros.
"No entanto, o Sr. Carrascalão não é inocente. Ele foi muito ingénuo ao aceitar tal função em tais circunstâncias. Não tem havido vontade política demonstrada pelo Governo de facto de combate à corrupção. Ele claramente não compreendia que o reforço das instituições do Aprovisionamento do Estado é um elemento essencial para combater a corrupção. Desde o início, que os seus esforços foram enfraquecidos pela resistência dos colegas que estavam determinados a parar as suas tentativas de reforma do Aprovisionamento, e das suas investigações sobre a corrupção, a má e a falta de administração.
"Nós não duvidamos das boas intenções do Sr. Carrascalão, mas nós avisamos publicamente que o Sr. Gusmão estava a preparar uma armadilha para ele e que ele iria ser o bode expiatório um dia. Acima de tudo, ele deveria ter percebido que aceitar a tarefa de executar US$ 180 milhões em despesasorçamentais de capital e desenvolvimento com a comprovada falta de capacidade em gestão financeira, bem como a falta de compromisso para com a transparência na gestão das finanças públicas, só poderiam tê-lo colocado na posição em que ele se encontra agora," disse Mari Alkatiri.
"O tratamento dado ao senhor Carrascalão revela que os ministros incompetentes e desonestos irão ser autorizados a permanecer nos seus cargos, e há muito tempo que o Sr. Gusmão deveria ter-se livrado deles.”
"Este incidente mostra claramente que a podridão está implementada, e que há uma crise de confiança entre os ministros e líderes de várias fações do Governo de facto".
"O Sr. Gusmão não pode escapar da responsabilidade, porque foi ele quem criou esta coligação disparatada e dividida de pessoas que não têm uma visão comum, que não têm um registo de dever cívico, que veem um alto cargo como uma oportunidade para ganhos financeiros pessoais, incluindo pessoas que nunca foram nacionalistas, e que eram contra o nacionalismo timorense," declarou Mari Alkatiri.
Para mais informações contacte José Teixeira +670 728 7080