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Friday, June 15, 2012

T-L Foreign Minister lashes out at AMP/CNRT govt: "Corruption in TL is More Pervasive than Indonesia"

(Translation from Tetum)
Jornal Timor Post - Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ministers with 2 wives, "Corruption in TL is More Pervasive than Indonesia"

Social Democrat Party President (PSD), Zacarias Albano da Costa acknowledges that corruption committed by some government leaders in Timor-Leste is more active/stronger than the corruption that happens in Indonesia. "Billions and billions of dollars have been spent on development, but where is the result?  The roads are always bad, the people cry out for want of enough food, some can only eat once a day and are suffering,” said Zacarias raising this issue during the parliamentary campaign in Suco Fatuhada, Dom Alexo Sub District, Dili District, on (11/6).

According to Zacarias, this problem arises due to the leadership and some ministries have taken on the responsibility to implement programs and plans that just waste the people’s money.  

He also said, "People need to be careful of politicians who like to make promises that they will pour out money any which way, without creating conditions for the future, like this we could become like Greece in Europe,” he explained.

He also stated, "The Greater Sunrise negotiations are not going forward but we want to waste money, and their intention is to also steal money,"

In another part, Zacaria stated that, “The State system is still weak, we like to spread around money but this is a danger to our future, the result is that ministers have 3 cars, 2 or 3 houses and 2 or 3 “wives”, this is a sign, but it is difficult to identify because they are hiding well what they steal,” he lamented.

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